10-Day Trippiness

Just had my birthday. Everyone came to my place for the annual BBQ, this one had a gold theme. Best yet.

Next morning, packed my bags, dipped out just after dawn for my first trip to Hawaii! Underfunded but enthusiastic, landed on Maui with my guy-pal Geoff. We were joining a group of equally fun-loving and adventurous singles to take the island by storm. The boys had a tough time not staying out of trouble.

With an apartment in the town of Kihei as home base, we toured Maui. One day, we rented scooters and explored Lihaina. Another day we drove the winding, craggy road around the entire East end of the island. Bound on both sides by either towering mountain or sheer cliffs, I attempted to enjoy the magnificent view while also driving – without comparison the most challenging drive of my life – a grueling 12 hours!

Just as Geoff had assured me, there was drama every night. The boys made quite an impression on the locals… Despite being fairly popular with the ladies, our crew made the local boys’ heckles go up, on sight.

Sometimes, did my own thing. Got up earlier than the others most days, so I’d go for a run or a drive along the beach. Speaking of beach – it was GORGEOUS! Hawaii definitely gives Oregon coasts a run for their money. Not only that, but the temperature is beyond pleasant. Unlike Oregon, where the water makes your feet ache if you’re so much as ankle deep, Hawaii’s waters are an ideal temperature for swimming. Or you can float! I’d swim out and find a prime spot to float on my back, totally at peace, sticking my gold tipped toes out of the water. At one point, a dark shadow passed beneath me and – just as panic was about to hit – a giant turtle came to the surface and stuck it’s head up next to me. It was so close I could’ve poked it in the eye!

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