Megan and I got up at dawn this morning, almost like we didn’t stay up late drinkin’ beers the night before.  We couldn’t wait to get our run on!  We were out the door by 6:45, but traffic was already dead-stopped on the freeway near the race.  Liam threw it into reverse and backed up to another exit for a quick detour.  It worked.

A light rain was falling as we parked – it let up just before the event began.  As we headed to the start, Megan spotted a soggy 20 dollar bill in a puddle.  Score!  Considering it a good sign, we moved on.  Soon it was time to strip to our shorts.  The last 3 minutes up until the blow horn (signaling GO) were achingly long.  Finally, a countdown…and we were off.

Megan quickly pulled forward and out of sight ahead of me.  I didn’t see her again until the end, but we both had a spectacular race!  Megan finished with a 7 minute pace, between the overall 7th and 8th place female runners.  (Much to the dismay of the event officials, we were bandits.)  In her division, she would have won!  I came in around 22nd in mine.  My favorite part was sneaking up on my buddy Brad in the last 50 meters (who passed me early on), and passing him while sticking my tongue out in his face.  Glorious!

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