She-Bliss in Seattle

Managed to get out of town this weekend – what initially I was dreading ended up being quite a hoot.  It had been too long since I’d spent time with one of my favorite gal pals, Leah, and Seattle, a place I swore was only fun for Seafair, finally redeemed itself.

It wasn’t planned.  Scheduled to shoot a few scenes for an indie flick in Olympia, I disgustedly imagined myself stuck in the middle of some nowhere college town.  They couldn’t possibly have any cute boys!  Phooey.  So I hit up Leah.

How close is Olympia to Seattle?  Close enough.  Leah said she’d pick me up and we’d go play in Seattle for the night.  Suddenly my thoughts about this trip were electrified.

Before leaving Portland, there was a stop to make.

As tradition has it, every year Dad shows up at Violet’s school to play music for her birthday.  He started way back when I was in first grade at the same school over 20 years ago.  I was so happy, shocked and embarrassed, I cried.  But Violet handles it well.

She passed out cookies and sang with Dad as he played guitar – his own (hilarious) rendition of a birthday song and “Baby Please Don’t Puke On My Shoes”.  Those kids ate it up!  When it was over, we were picked up by a member of the film crew, dropped off Dad at home and promptly hit the road.

The sunset was fantastic.  Bright orange lit the horizon behind the dark silhouettes of whizzing trees with eye-popping pink and purple across the sky.  By the time we got to Seattle it was the expansive metropolis at night, dotted with white light.

After a few shots at her friends’ condo, it didn’t matter where we went.  It felt like I’d been everywhere before, but this time – to my surprise – it was fun.  Leah’s friends were awesome and there were even some decent guys to flirt with.  Back at the condo, I plopped onto a cushy couch and flipped though the evening’s images.  Just starting to doze, Leah buried me in a fluffy comforter and I was gone.

I woke to a low layer of clouds over the city.  We were above it.  But in the moments spent scrambling for my camera to shoot the space needle extending over the milky abyss, the fog lifted and it was invisible.

Two hours later, I’m back on set in Olympia.  I’m only a little jealous I missed out on the house party celebrating some kid turning 21.  Judging from the guy suffering a serious hangover next to me, it was a total rager.  But I made the right choice.  Seeing Leah in Seattle was an unexpected special treat.  I love my girlfriends!

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