Preparing for Takeoff

It’s less than one week from departure day and my mind spins and spins and spins. Where to begin?

I wanted to share some of the magic that’s taking place…

Pondering the fact that I’ll be basically living in beach wear for the entire length of my trip, it occurred to me that I should find a local swimwear sponsor! Although the current project is focused on faraway lands, I figured, “How cool would it be to continue tying Portland in?!”

Then, rolling around town one day, I spotted a bus bench advertising for Popina Swimwear. It seemed like a divine moment. I realized I should contact them. So I did.

Lo and behold, they were receptive! They invited me into the shop where I explained the film project in detail.

“You must realize we don’t get many requests like this,” they told me. But Portland is such a collaborative, creative town – it made complete sense that I should be rocking Portland swimwear for the film project. They were totally on board!

Before I knew it, my arms were filled with a colorful array of retro swimwear. I got busy fitting.

If you are like me, swimsuit shopping is no simple task. Being a tall girl, built with a such solid frame, it’s never been easy. Most of the time, with the tiny triangles of synthetic fabric and little strings holding them together, I tend to feel overexposed.

At Popina, there was none of that. As I pulled the first garment on, noting the sturdy yet soft texture of the material, I was pleased to see it fit perfectly. There were no unsightly bulges – nothing I didn’t want to share was revealed. I loved it!

Wondering if this could be a mere chance phenomenon, I went through every suit – even the ones I was SURE I wouldn’t like. Popina is well stocked with a variety of vintage-style swimsuits, but there was one in particular that caught me by surprise…

A one-piece, this suit was created using a beautiful Hawaiian print of light blue blossoms on a solid chocolate plane. The style, almost boyish, included a swooping, low-cut back and WOW – my butt was great in it! I never would have imagined liking it, seeing it on the hanger, but once I tried it on…FABULOUS!

Then I came to an adorable lime green paisley tankini. The halter top, easily paired with a skirt, shorts, or just about any other cute bottom was flawless. There were two matching bottoms I tried, one classic, the other, more of a boy-short with scrunchy sides. Soooooooooo cute! It was a tough call, but I went for the boy shorts.

Now I am one step closer to being ready for Ecuador. Wherever I go, in my swimsuits from Portland, I’ll look downright snazzy. That’s the way to be!


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