From Two Weeks Out… to Baby Stepping

There’s a tightness in my belly and my mind is a whirl.  It’s as if, in two weeks I’m giving birth to myself.  A year ago, I had only imagined making a movie about Portland.  It would be easy, I thought, if I could just find a cameraman to follow me and my pals around the various scenes.  But no one would work for free.

Until, one day (last October 4th), when I was running the Portland  Marathon (a whole other story) and I spotted my crazy old friend Vinny cheering along the sidelines.  He was there for a special lady friend of his who happened to run close to my speed.  And he was shooting video.

Completely on board with my plan, Vinny and I got to work right away…We hit a variety of local scenes from fashion, live music and comedy shows, to the zombie walk and the naked pumpkin run.  It lasted for about a month before everything sort of exploded into pieces.

But this movie isn’t just about a place.  Portland may be one of the most beautiful, creative, playful and innovative cities in the world, but this is also about the people who live there.  This film ends up being largely about relationships and communication, labels and non-labels, lust and broken expectations.

It’s also about transformation.  On a personal level, this process provided a rare chance to see myself from the outside, when I realized I needed to make changes in three closely-connected areas:  I drank too much, I didn’t exercise enough and I had an atrocious belching habit.  I was also kind of a bitch.  (Some things changed more than others.)

Finally, this is about magic.  I could not have planned this – it’s just too perfect.  Welcome to AUDREALITY, where truth is much MUCH stranger than fiction.

Update (11.24.2010):

Check it out on my youtube channel (not the whole story, just a few pieces from the first half.  I already got in trouble with youtube for the nudity…besides, I don’t want to ruin the end)!

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