My tooth fairy was named Mabel.  She and I wrote letters to each other, each time I lost a tooth.  When I imagined what she looked like, I just figured she was tiny and adorable.

Of course I grew up and stopped believing – even my daughter Violet has long since outgrown the magic…but when I took over as coach for her soccer team, there was Mabel, tiny and adorable as ever.

No, this girl is not my tooth fairy.  But she is one heckuva special kid.  Although I had an inkling when I met her, it wasn’t official until last Saturday…

“Coach!  Coach,” she said, jumping up and down a bit.

“Yes Mabel?”

“Coach, I had a vision,” Mabel said with her fullest enthusiasm, “There’s going to be a corner kick…and I’m going to be in the box.  And I’m going to kick it in the goal!  You’ve got to put me as forward!”

Seemed legit enough.

“Mabel,” I replied, “Visions are important.  We’d better get you in there as soon as possible.”

The next chance we got, we subbed her in.  It wasn’t five minutes before the corner kick happened, and there Mabel was, in the box.  And she kicked it in! I instantly got chills.  When I reported the incident (with glee) to her dad, he informed me it was Mabel’s first goal ever.

On top of that, we’re STILL undefeated!  GOOOOO PIRANHAS!!!

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