Run for Your Life!

I was born to run.

It didn’t occur to me in elementary school, when I was consistently one of the fastest kids in my grade (behind only the fastest boy).  It didn’t occur to me in middle school, when I won my first race, setting a local record in the 800 meter run.  It certainly didn’t occur to me in high school, where despite being one of the brightest cross country stars in the state – right out of the gate – I quit running when I left Catlin Gabel.

As a senior in high school, I became a single teen parent.  Several chaotic years followed, tarnished by poor choices and irresponsible behavior… some real nightmares.

Ultimately, I grew out of it and running became part of my life again.  That’s when I realized… We are made for this. I could feel it.  Plus, the more I ran, the farther I got from the mess behind me.

Running is connecting with the land, wherever we happen to be.  Running is therapy, a chance to unwind, to become aware of our most unrelenting thoughts and release them, meanwhile cleansing our bodies with deep, rhythmic breaths of fresh air.  As we run, our bodies, an assortment of cells, perpetually breaking down and rebuilding…rebuild better, stronger.  Live longer!

In case you haven’t discovered for yourself, please come join me.  And if you’re already on board…let’s go!

I’ve got the itch.  This season I’m going to run in as many races as possible…  At the moment, I’m MOST looking forward to the 3rd Annual Fort Vancouver Run, March 27th.

I’ll be going long, for the 15k run.  There’s also a 10k walk/run, a 6k run AND a 1k fun run for kids!  No matter what your experience level, here is an opportunity to make some real strides toward fitness.

Have someone in your life, who you think needs a health-boost?  Bring ’em!  I was ecstatic the other day when my daughter, Violet, asked if she can do the Turkey Trot again this year.

“Of course you can baby!  And you get to Run Fort Vancouver too!”

With a scenic course along the Columbia River and a post-race celebration at the Rock (Wood Fired Pizza & Spirits), you can’t lose!

The race starts and ends at the Fred Meyer Grand Central Shopping Center in Vancouver, WA.  Register at any Fit Right NW location or online with Energy Events (includes: t-shirt, beer, snacks and a goodie bag).  Online registration ends March 24th.

See you there?!

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