Hybrid Adventure Games

If you’re looking for a  serious physical challenge amongst some fun-loving, athletically-inclined, and generally good-looking individuals (and teams!), look no father than the next regional Hybrid Adventure Games.  Our event took place at Mt Hood Ski Bowl, where first, we ran five miles, directly up a huge hill and back.

From the end of the race, we skittered across a small field of tires, endured hurdles and crawling under barbed wire, balanced across high beams, made our way down a giant, bumpy slip’n’slide, tip-toed over a series of wobbly stumps, and leaped over a wall.  At the finish, we were met with a running clock, which became increasingly arbitrary throughout the day.  There was also tractor tire flipping, an archery range and a keg toss!

Unfortunately, out of about 50 volunteers that signed up, only 15 came.  This resulted in extra long lines at the event stations, which drew several complaints.  Confusion about the course, where many people cut corners (or simply “didn’t see which way to go”) and safety concerns over certain obstacles (the wobbly stumps were eliminated for the second heat) made it impossible to rank competitors.

But winning didn’t matter.  (Because we ALL know who it would’ve been if they could’ve got it right.  Right?!)  I had some of the most fun I’ve had in a while, and if you know me, you know that says a LOT.

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