Rigging Electric: High Voltage (Especially for a Chick)

Splitting, bloody knuckles. Freshly callused hands. And dirt, lots of it. These are some of the joys of life, as a Rigging Electrician.

“Aren’t you supposed to have a license to do that?” People ask me.

Well, I did get certified to operate the lifts, a day-long process that required me, and 25 dudes from the production’s rigging electric, grip and construction departments to learn about the dangers of running heavy machinery.

Being one of the few chicks in my field, should’ve realized I was going into the lion’s den.  None of them seem to think a female can do what they do, as well as they do it (much less, better). And no one likes being proven wrong.

What else is hard?

The work can be backbreaking. Without proper form and technique, pulling, pushing and stacking piles of cable (averaging  about 100lbs apiece), and other bulky equipment, is extremely tough on the bod.

“It will  kill you,” said one of my superiors, assuredly.

Emotional and physical obstacles aside, the job is thrilling. And don’t get me wrong – I love being challenged! I’m doing vigorous physical labor that I enjoy (and am quite capable of) while exploring nooks and crannies of my town, seeing familiar places in ways that I’ve never been exposed to before. It will be surprising to, maybe a few, that I’ve carried my camera nearly the entire time…

Plus, I’m (literally) working my butt off, in a high-intensity field, helping create something so complex that it requires a staff of hundreds, and millions of dollars per episode, to complete. The cast is hot and unpretentious, and the crew is more and more like family every day. Take my word for it, this show has a good thing going. Or see for yourself! Watch Grimm, Friday nights on NBC.

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