Sexpert Alert

This event is one that I’ve been eagerly looking forward to… a conversation with Cindy Gallop!  To describe her in one word, I usually say “sexpert” but, there’s much more to her than that.  She’s seen as a rock star in the marketing world, famous not only for her track record of dating young hot men, but also for turning traditional marketing strategies upside down, energizing and inspiring audiences worldwide.  When I heard Cindy was coming to town, I was ecstatic.  When she invited me to come see her for free?!  It was over the top!  I brought two of my best gal-pals and made a night of it.  (Because we were SO having drinks with her after the presentation.)

Overwhelmingly, the audience was made up of people in the advertising business.  It was natural for the conversation to tilt that way.  But I brought it back to the good stuff.

I asked Cindy (who is probably about the same age as my parents), “Granted, you are an intellectual person.  When you are with these younger men… What on Earth do you talk about?”  I was racking my brain to come up with a guy in his 20’s that could handle a conversation with this powerful, brilliant, and energetic woman.  There certainly weren’t any among us.

I imagined her having different sorts of relationships, with different sorts of people, like in Compartmentalization.  But she said her relationships with these young men are positively delightful.  Apparently, there are cougar websites where young men meet older women regularly.  One of my gal friends asked if Cindy practices polyamory, a fair question.

Cindy replied, “It’s more of a Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy.”

The Next Morning…

Although I was dreadfully hung over and did NOT recall the text-made-arrangements from last night, I woke up this morning to a message from one of my most adorable running buddies:

‘We will be at your place at 1:30″

Oh crap.  Who is we?  And what is our plan?  Running?!  I could hardly fathom such a thing.  Luckily, I outsmarted myself by making the plan with a hot guy.  Can’t say no to that!  By 1:30, not one, but THREE boys arrived and we were on our way, up and around Mt. Tabor.  Since no workout is complete without at least 100 pushups, we stopped intermittently to knock out some reps of them too.  An hour or so later, I was feeling better than I’d felt all day!  I thanked the boys for coming.  It was a great workout and it pretty much cured my hangover.


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