Sunday Funday

In the afternoon, my daughter had futsal.  Indoor soccer is like outdoor soccer, but the field is smaller, the teams are smaller, and the ball is smaller.  And harder!

“Uh-oh,” said one of the moms, “This is the team that beat us last week.  They butchered us!”

Uh-oh was right.  Violet was the goalie, and those kids on the other team were ruthless!  Again and again I watched them trot over to where they were well within point blank range, then kick the ball, full-force at Violet.  Most of the time she blocked it, but it looked painful.  Part of me wanted to go out there and throttle them.

In the second half though, my resentment was resolved, when another kid took over as goalie and immediately, on a throw-in, beaned one of the other team’s kids in the back of the head.  I laughed out loud.  Several of the girls from the other team looked to see where the guffaw came from – and I wasn’t hiding it.  Unfortunately, our Piranhas were dead in the water.

Later, since I’d been bugging my housemate to let me whoop him at pool again, he decided to come back for his revenge.  He beat me at least five out of six times, then waltzed over to the lottery machine where he won again… over $800!


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