Don’t Miss Portland’s Urban Iditarod

So what? Registration for this years Urban Iditarod filled in 8 minutes. You gonna let that stop you?! It goes down Saturday, Feb. 25th. Be there or you’re square!

Here’s a taste of last years schenanigans:

3 thoughts on “Don’t Miss Portland’s Urban Iditarod

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  2. By showing up without being registered you put the event at risk of being shut down. If the event is too “out of control” the police are instructed to shut the event down. If too many people show up it puts stress on relationships with check points. I know you think, what bar would turn down making so much money, well believe it or not bar staff are very influential and get tired of cleaning up after drunk people pissing in their sink and puking in their doorway. Some bars in town already refuse to host the Urban Iditarod, no bars means no event.

    If you are not registered and would like to participate please visit the website for spectator information and come to the Apres Ski Party, but please do not crash the event and put it at risk of ruining it for everyone. Audrey you should know as much considering not 30 seconds out of your vehicle you were approached by the police for drinking in public.

    The Portland Urban Iditarod is the longest running Urban Iditarod in the country with your help we can make sure it continues beyond 2012.

    Lead Dog

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