Getting Ripped with Skogg Systems

When Facebook told me that Daniel Baldwin wanted to be my friend, I was like, “Yeah, right.” I told him, I’m not interested unless he wants to be friends in real life. And if he wants to hang in real life, it probably means working out, because that’s just about all I’m up to these days.  o! He invited me to Skogg Gym in the Pearl, where we could merrily get our sweat on.

I arrived at 10:15am, entered the building, and checked out the schedule of classes. Next up was Level 4. For Warriors only! Couldn’t help but smile…

Inside the gym, I found a guy behind a desk, who seemed to think I had wandered in by accident.

“I’m meeting my friend here,” I said.

“For what?  And who is your friend?”

“Daniel… to work out.”

Ah yes. He didn’t seem too thrilled to meet me, but he was polite.  I excused myself to the locker room, where I peeled off my sweats. (Surely they would see my muscles and realize I could handle it?!) When I emerged, there was Mr. Skogg himself. He wanted me to understand that people can NOT just walk in off the street and do a Level 4 – Warrior class. Especially if they don’t have experience with kettle bells!

Maybe it was a slow day. Obviously, they love Daniel. The man from behind the counter said he didn’t mind giving me some special attention. So, they elected to let me stay.

The Skogg System works because, with proper form and technique, it fires up your entire body. Using the appropriate sized kettle bell, one improves their strength AND endurance, in an engaging, fast-paced workout. A physical test is required before graduating to each, more advanced level. Although I was a guest in the Warrior class, I was by no means working out alone. Ray made sure I learned the movements, helping me target the proper muscle groups and showed me how not to hit myself in the face with a kettle bell. By the end of the session, I had worked up a nice sweat and was hungry for more. Thanks Daniel!

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