In less than 24 hours, Becky Jean and I pile into my little car and roll south.  Thanks to no shortage of miraculous events and some concentrated steering power, I’ve gathered the items from my ultimate wish list (macbook pro, video camera and gas money) necessary to make the next chapter of Audreality a go.

Follow us as we explore the California coast, then stay tuned to see the art show, where most of my paintings will be seen for the first time outside of Portland.  It takes place at the Brewery, one of the world’s largest and most popular artist co-ops.  Twice a year they open their doors to the public, and next weekend is the Spring edition, featuring the works of Yours Truly.

Our plan is only loosely bound.  If you’ve got tips, suggestions or ideas about places, people and events we should see, please let us know.   We look forward to surprises along the way…

In the LA area?  Join us March 31 & April 1st for the celebration!


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