Art & Opportunity


11am – 6pm Saturday:  Spent the day at the Brewery, relaxing in the loft while strangers checked out my paintings.  It was a neat experience, being able to watch as various people took interest in certain pieces.  Going in for a closer looks, making squinty faces, sometimes tilting thier heads to one side, people seemed to enjoy the work.  They told me I had a strong hand, and I received genuine compliments from extremely well-respected artists.  (Most popular were my kitties, dogs, and people smoking weed.)

A couple friends stopped by, Bobbi and Justin, who I know from Portland (before they moved to LA).  Also, my Uncle David and Aunt Patty made the trek, all the way from San Diego.  I hadn’t seen them since I was 12 years old, at my cousin Jacob’s bar mitzvah.  It was such a hoot to re-connect!  My older brother, Jeffrey, hung out for a while too.  Toward the end of the day, a friend who also lives in Portland came by, since he happened to be in LA for a grad school interview.  We had some wine with the friends and fam, then shut down the loft for the night.

8pm:  Went to dinner with my man-friend and his long-time pal at a nice restaurant in Beverly Hills.  Unfortunately, by the time the first drinks arrived, Becky Jean’s boyfriend was there to collect her.  I opted to stay.

9am Sunday:  Woke up cozy, took a shower, had coffee and breakfast.  Quite pleasant.  Then, got myself a map to get back to Venice Beach…

10:45am:  Picked up Becky Jean.  I looked forward to hearing about her second night with those guys.  Didn’t have to wait long.

She told me her boyfriend (B-Star) felt embarrassed about his friends behavior the night before.  B-Star described me entering his friends room, immediately taking off my shirt and climbing into his friend’s bed, which gave the poor guy a hard-on, which meant I must be seducing him and therefore “wanted” to be treated like a sperm receptacle.

The problem with that story – it isn’t true.

Becky Jean saw through it.  We laughed it off and headed back to the Brewery for the art walk, day 2.

11-6pm:  Took a little time today, to explore the compound.  The Brewery is a huge campus, with several buildings, each one full of several unique artists’ lofts.  Thousands of people milled around, most of them with plastic cups of wine or beer in hand.  It was a warm, sunny California day.

Somewhere along the way, a tall, silver haired man approached us, introduced himself as a photographer, and gave Becky Jean his card.  He said he would love a chance to shoot her.  It was merely a coincidence that she and I were already discussing how to go about building her portfolio…

“He wants to shoot you!”  I said to Becky Jean, with an elbow to the ribs.  She was into it.

I turned to the guy and asked, “How about Tuesday?”

“Tuesday works for me.”

I made sure he wasn’t going to hit her up for money, then we checked out his studio – saw his work is beautiful –  and went ahead and penciled him in.

Here are a few images from the weekend:

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