Check This Out – You’re Welcome.


11am Monday:  Went to breakfast at the Blu Jam.  Did a little shopping after that, a little too much shopping apparently, because there was a $58 parking ticket on my car when we got back to it.  Oh joy.

2:30pm:  On our way to Universal Studios for a special tour!  Our host, Paul Falcone (VP of human resources at NBC) reminisced with us about his early days with the company, when he used to be one of the guides.  From his large corner office we gazed out the window, across the expansive property.  We followed him to where a small herd of golf carts were parked, and hopped in for a ride.

Every time we got to something cool, he’d introduce it – and before we even had a chance to say, “Wow!”  He’d say, “You’re welcome.”  It cracked me up!  Something about that guy was infectious because I feel like he’s rubbed off on us…  We had a blast.

4:15pm:  Stopped at the liquor store…  There was a small hispanic guy inside, just another customer, probably in his late 60’s.  For some reason he thought I was special.  As I got back in the car with Becky Jean, he noticed where we were parked and came over to chat, leaning in the driver-side window.

“Lets go,” said Becky Jean, totally weirded out.  I was still being polite, semi-entertained by the ol’ geezer.  We had a bit of a language barrier, but it was clear he wanted to make friends.

“You like to party?”  He asked.

“Of course we like to party.”  I said.  (Duh.)  But something told me his idea of partying was a little different than mine…when he pulled a bag of cocaine out of his pocked and tried handing it to us!

“Lets get out of here,” Becky Jean said, with more urgency.

“No thanks,” I said.  We got on our way.

5pm:  In Burbank now, waiting in line to see Jimmy Kimmel Live!  The studio producer is a hot guy named Link, with muscles bulging in a tight t-shirt.  He placed us in the second row of the audience, then later, right behind Kimmel for the end of the show, when he hypes the CD for the band.  They wanted us to look like we were having the time of our lives for the entire duration of the segment.  My face hurt from smiling so hard.

9pm:  Becky Jean and I met up with Kenzel and B-Star for tacos.  After dinner, B-Star came and sat in my car for a few minutes.  It didn’t last long, because it was my first chance to give him a piece of my mind about what happened Friday… and he didn’t exactly take it well.

I ended up kicking him out of the car.

B-Star wasn’t ready to throw in the towel yet, but I wasn’t about to let him join us where we were staying, either.  So once we were back at the apartment, he came and sat with Becky Jean for a while, outside by my car.  After continuous disrespect from him, I lost my temper.  I let him know exactly how I felt; that he was acting psychotic, obsessive and that my friend deserves better.  In turn, he flipped the script on Becky Jean, demanding that she acknowledge/explain her statements (supposedly made a few days ago) that she might never hang out with me again after this trip.  He was trying to drive a wedge between us!  Interesting.

Becky Jean assured me that she said those things on our first night together, when she was uneasy with my free style of traveling.  My philosophy, that most strangers are friends who we haven’t met yet, perhaps hadn’t been entirely unveiled.  She didn’t like that I hadn’t arranged for us a place to stay in SF – she feared the thought of meeting someone new who might have a spare couch or two.

8:12am Tuesday:  Got a call from home to tell me my dog, Peaches, is missing.  They said my Dad let the dog out in the middle of the night, and she never came back.  Is it really so hard to take care of a dog for a week?!  I was afraid of this…  Tried to find a friend she could have stayed with while I’m away, to no avail.

Such a bummer.

Plus, I’m still reeling a bit from the situation last night.  We have a full day planned, but can’t help but wish I was on my way home, to look for Peaches.

Noon-6pm:  Becky Jean’s photo shoot was a wild success.  She worked it, out on location at the beach, then came back to the studio for more.  The pictures are amazing…  She’s a natural.

7pm:  Met up with Georgina at Brick & Mortar in Santa Monica.  Kenzel came.  So did Nate Hassler!  We were running low on steam, so we only stayed for a couple hours.  Then it was back to West Hollywood for our last night at Pancho’s place.

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