Sky’s the Limit


8am Wednesday:  Woke up early, headed straight to the Brewery to pull my paintings down and packed the car.  Had lunch at a tasty spot in downtown LA, with my brother, then said farewell and began traveling north.

5pm:  Made it to Big Sur.  The highway along the ocean is gorgeous – every time I look, it makes me forget how long I’ve been driving.  Once in a while we stop to get out, get snacks, or coffee, but we are focused on making good time.  Even the numerous “road closed ahead” signs don’t deter us…

5:15pm:  There’s a guy in the middle of the street, holding a stop sign.  The road IS closed, dang it!  Construction is blocking the way ahead of us, they JUST let a bunch of cars through, and it’s going to be an hour before they are able to let anyone else pass.  We decide to stretch our legs for a while, since we happen to be held up at one of the most stunning viewpoints along the entire California coast.

9pm:  Approaching San Francisco (finally!!!) we discussed checking out a restaurant or a bar, but we’re way too tired.  Planning to sleep in the car for a while, then get moving again.  But looky here – got a text from my buddy Dutch, inviting us to crash overnight in his guest room.  He warns us that it’s in a rough neighborhood, and we should be careful.  Sweet.

10:30pm:  Made it to Dutch’s house.  The only thing “rough” about this neighborhood is the gravel road we drove in on…  Becky Jean went straight to bed, while Dutch and I had a glass of wine and got caught up.

7am Thursday:  Woke up next to the sleeping beauty in the guest room, to the realization that this place is flipping FABULOUS!  Thinking about jumping on all the nice beds while he’s out dropping the kids off at school.  Surely that will help energize us for the next 12 hour drive…

Dutch came back and made us the tastiest protein smoothies ever.  He added a couple scoops of something so chalk-full of nutrients, he promised these smoothies will “shoot ya right out of a cannon.”  Just what we need!  (I’m still pretty bummed about my lost dog… so I’ll take any help I can get to make the drive home faster.)

“I know you two want to get back as soon as possible,” said Dutch, “That’s too bad, because I would have loved taking you two for a spin in my airplane.”


“Heck yes we want to do it!”  Said I, without missing a beat.

Becky Jean could simply not believe her ears…  “No way, I don’t think so -”

“Yes!  Yes!  Yes of course we can!  Can we do it Becky Jean?  Can we do it pleeeeeease?!”  I begged, jumping up and down a little.  (What dog?)

She was in.

The flight was thrilling – the scenery, breathtaking, and Becky Jean & I were completely beside ourselves, in awe of our new Superman.

When it was over, we said good-bye to Dutch, and giddy as schoolgirls, we got started on the last long leg of our drive.

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