Baby Got Back

Peaches went missing April 2nd, in the wee hours, while I was out of town.  It happened when Dad got up in the middle of the night, and let the dog out to do her business.  She didn’t come back.

When I got word the next morning, I called on some of my best dog-loving pals to help me from afar.  We posted numerous ads on craigslist, put up signs in the neighborhood and went to the animal shelter several times.  After a couple weeks it was looking grim:  She has a microchip.  She was wearing a collar.  How could someone pick her up and not track us down already?!

My gal friend Binnie, went well beyond the call of duty, searching the neighborhood for Peaches while I was gone.  Every time she visits, she spends at least a few minutes hugging and kissing my dog.  She’s her Auntie!  She was the first person I thought of who would help.

She essentially became a craigslist spammer… posting ads and notes about the missing dog, obviously in the lost & found section, but also wherever someone might accidentally read it.  Which seems to be what happened with us.

On the night Peaches went missing, she was spotted a few hours later, entering (and being shooed out of) the Wallgreens on 39th and Belmont.  The people who witnessed this, then saw the dog approach a homeless man outside the store, who also chased her off.  So the nice people took her in.

It was a family: a couple, with several kids (and a 1-year old puppy).  They fell completely in love with Peaches, with no identifiable intention of finding us.  But thanks to an odd twist of fate… they finally tracked us down.

The dad had an accident.  He fell off a ladder, so they spent a lot of time in the hospital yesterday.  That’s when the woman had a chance to use the computer, peruse craigslist, and stumble across the ad that plainly said, “Our dog is missing, she is suffering from cancer (as well as thyroid disease) and needs medication daily.”  Her image was attached.

First Binnie got the news, via email (she was planning to surprise me with the dog before our breakfast date this morning), then we got a call, a few minutes later.  Something tells me, Peaches didn’t mind staying somewhere that a bunch of little kids were constantly running around dropping crumbs…  But they didn’t want to take care of a sick dog.  Soooo, she’s back!

Happy Day.


One thought on “Baby Got Back

  1. I am sooooooooo happy to hear this Audrey!!! Isn’t it more than CREEPY that we talked last week of the funny thing that sometimes happens, a family with kids falls in love with your awesome dog and they hang out there a while :-) so strange, I was just telling you about the time that happened with my dogs. I am so glad you have her home!!!

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