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Saturday consisted of a series of kickball wins, each more challenging than the one before. After an early morning forfeit, we butchered a team at 11:30am, which brought us to the semi-finals at 1:30 – a narrow, and hard-fought win for the Flowbees. That got us in to the finals.

Playing against a team called Beer View Mirror, the Flowbees had their toughest match yet. By the end of the seventh inning, the game was tied 1-1. Overtime.

After what seemed like an eternity, filled with one mind-blowing play after the next, Flowbees found ourselves down by one, kicking in the bottom of the tenth. A huge crowd amassed – at times I found myself in awe of it. Jonsey stepped to the plate, and after two fouls, he lobbed it far into the field, perfectly placed. No one caught the ball.

Cassie was running home from second, and Wang was close behind, coming from first. Beer View Mirror scrambled to get the ball in, then threw it towards home plate in a desperate attempt to deny us our winning point. They missed! It was SPECTACULAR.

Check out this clip of the final play:

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