In my running club (the Red Lizards) we don’t have normal runners. We have “drinkers with a running problem.” Makes perfect sense then, that they have created what is known as the Beer Mile. To begin, you must chug an entire beer (proving so, by holding the empty can upside-down over your head) then take off running, as fast as possible around the track. Repeat this process four times – and do NOT throw up – because if you barf, you have to run a penalty lap. Both male & female winners get plaques, crowning their achievement and new title, Champions of the Beer Mile.

I did it last year – and let me tell ya – it’s no easy feat. Wasn’t halfway through, before my head hurt so bad, I wanted to quit. At some point in lap #3 or 4, I threw up in my mouth, forcing me to slow down enough that I was able to hold it in (sparing myself a penalty lap). Swore right then, that I would never do this event again. But it’s still fun to watch.

Congrats to Brendan, the winner, two years chug-n-running!

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