Ultimate Go Bag

Got a note from a good friend, who is currently working in Iraq. It’s hard to fathom a place where rockets sail overhead with such regularity, that it’s no big deal.

But it is truly, all too real:

“I thought I would share a quite funny photo I took of my “go bag” since people here seem to find it hilarious.  At first look… It’s a violent Rambo backpack with guns, communication equipment, and enough ammunition strapped to it, and stuffed in it to take over a small country. But if you look really close beside my rifle you will see why people giggle when they see me walking out to the aircraft before a mission… My SPONGE BOB! He has been on the zipper of all of my “go bags” since this war started, he has more time in combat then most US troops under 25 – LOL – I have to keep a sense of humor somehow! It’s always the smallest things that even in a place like this, remind you that you are human.”

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