Girls on a Whirl

Summer in Portland is FUN to an order of magnitudes.  Until we figure out how to squeeze more than 24 hours into a day, there’s just no way to cover it all.  But we sure do our best.

Since the last update, Becky Jean has moved into my place, for what has been, by no stretch of words, a non-stop whirlwind series of adventures in our very own pretty little town.  Last week kicked off with the 25th annual Waterfront Blues Festival, which always takes place on the 4th of July weekend.  Since the 4th, this year, was on a Wednesday, we enjoyed an exhausting 5-day weekend of music, boat-riding and celebration.

It’s especially special for me, because the Blues Festival was created by my dad, “the man who brought the Blues west,” Delmark Goldfarb.

So!  The day before the festival began (accompanied by Becky Jean) we picked up my VIP pass and wore it proudly the entire weekend, joyfully explaining, why I am the Princess of the Blues Fest.

In-between music sets by Patric Lamb, Galactic, the Steve Miller Band, and nearly a hundred others, we explored the backstage areas, parties at the Mariott overlooking the scene, and of course the docks, where the “boat people” arrive about a week before the festival begins, to park their boats in a prime spot.  We met a man, named Red, who led us to a yellow boat where a woman in her 60’s, who looked like a mermaid gypsy, suddenly appeared to serve us drinks.  Whatever we wanted, for donations only.  Red told us about his recent divorce, the product of a marriage that started with a wedding on 4/20, where everyone in the ceremony as well as the guests, dressed in tie-die.  We chatted with him a bit longer, before he dropped some acid and disappeared.

The next day, Becky Jean and I took a spin on her boyfriend’s new boat.  Time for wake surfing!  I still can’t figure out how the guys are able to dance on the water like they do, but hopefully I’m well on my way…

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