Project Launch-a-Model

Gosh, it feels like a lifetime!  But I met Becky Jean less than a year ago, when we were both at the same series of winter parties.  See, the walls tend to close in on you in Portland.  At least, that’s the way it’s been since I was a kid.

It’s a small town, and new faces stand out in any crowd because… everyone else you’ve seen before.  They’ve gone to school with you.  They work out at your gym.  Or they hooked up with one of your friends.

She was different anyone I had met before.  When I described Becky Jean, I’d say, “It’s like she just got to planet Earth.”

Our first conversation had me asking if she was a model.  And why not?

She’s tall and gorgeous, but she was freshly back from college, just getting accustomed to living downtown, while working in business administration.  But the idea of modeling enticed her… and I promised to help her any way I can.

We started hanging out, soon discovered that we got along pretty darn well.  Shortly thereafter, I planned a road trip to LA to show my art, and she agreed to be my co-pilot.  Along the way, a series of events unfolded that could have blown the entire relationship to bits, but somehow made us closer instead.  It has been amazing to have someone I can share my philosophy with, who not only “gets it” but to see it change their life.

During the LA art show, Becky Jean was scouted by a photographer who was absolutely smitten by her.  We set up a shoot a couple days later – clearly, the camera loved her.  Not only that, but she was completely jazzed by the experience.  When we got back to Portland, Becky Jean knew it was what she wanted to do.  But it took a few weeks for the photographer to send the images.

Waiting was not an option.

She and I decided to spend an afternoon shooting pictures – and we did a great job – because almost immediately, she had herself one of the best agents in town.  Now she’s signed with Ryan Artists, she’s got a beautiful portfolio coming together…

Then, when she got to the end of her apartment lease, we had a serious talk about what she should do.

If we were going to launch her career in modeling, she was going to have to get out of town.  Portland is beautiful and pristine, but there is a very limited modeling market.  Secret to none.  I invited her to live at my place, until the right opportunity came.

And it didn’t take long… she’s leaving tomorrow, expenses paid, to live and work as a model in NYC!


3 thoughts on “Project Launch-a-Model

  1. Are you serious?! That’s great news! I can’t wait to see her in print or on the runway!! :-)

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