Love Notes

I love good questions. They get my writing juices flowing in such a way that… it makes me happy. Yesterday was one of those days.

My friend wrote:

“Random deep question. What are your thoughts on the afterlife? Just asking cuz my cat was mauled to death by a dog and died in my arms.”

My immediate response:

On the spot I’d say – don’t forget – we are mostly non-matter. The body will decompose but one may continue to exist as long as they have made a sustainable/lasting imprint on the universe. Your cat will exist (in some form) as long as you remember it. Also, he/she continues to exist (in another form) because the effect it had on your life will never be undone. To me, the energy we transmit doesn’t just represent us. It IS us.

This is one of the things that excites me about painting, photography and writing. If I am able to capture a mood, moment, message or a feeling, and share it with a world of people that will be here long after I’m gone… Will I not still exist in some way? If someone gives voice to an idea that has great resonance with the People, does their energy cease to exist, because they die? No. But I wouldn’t call it an afterlife. It’s life, and death is just a part of it.

3 thoughts on “Love Notes

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