Mmmmarch: Delicious, Not Nutritious

It’s been another tasty month in Audreality, featuring a visit by Becky Jean, the celebration of “Juice Day” (in honor of a former Grant HS student, killed by gang violence), the Shamrock Run (where  a few pals and I ran the 15k as bandits), and the ever-festive Shamrock Run after party.  There were also a few choice moments from the Beer Relay and spring’s opening game of kickball.

Beer Relay rules are simple: You have to drink 5 oz of beer, then run a lap around the track in 2 minutes or less. Repeat the process until either you throw up, or you can no longer run a lap in less than 2 minutes.

Only went to watch, but of COURSE they cajoled me into participating. Ran about 5 or 6 laps and quit. It might sound easy, but it’s agony! My friend Graham – who won – ended up running over 30 laps. That’s a lot of beer in the belly.  Insanity!

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