Raging of the Bulls

It’s a busy week in Audreality!  Please excuse me from bubbling over with excitement because I’ve just finished my 4th episode of the season and I’m working on A BAZILLION MORE!!!  Here’s the rundown:

These are  posted already (all since May 1st):

1.  Spring Kickball w the Flowbees

2.  Miss Triche Fitness

3.  Derby Day

4. Raging of the Bulls

5.  A series of fashion shows (filmed this week) put on by the Portland Mercury

… and the following episode is coming  soon:

6.  Running the Rock’n’Roll Half Marathon with Savannah

Are you getting goosebumps???


Alright.  Now that that’s out of my system, it’s time to share the latest.

Raging of the Bulls… was a dual-birthday party for my long-time friends, Jason and Mike.  This year, they put on a “running of the bulls” -themed pub crawl.  In case you missed out (or if you just want to relive it!) you can get a taste of the debauchery:

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