OBF 2: How to Do the Woo


Roll with us to Brewfest, and you’ll learn quickly, there are games to play and rules to follow.  Spot the Hottie is ON at all times (especially amongst my crew of dude-lovin’ gal-pals because at OBF we’re outnumbered by guys 10-to-1).  Do not cross The Desert (the dry, dusty, seemingly never-ending space between the North and South tents) without enough beer to get to the other side.  Always ask for one token pours (rather than a full cup for four) to allow plenty of space for human error.  A well-timed compliment to your server can be beneficial.  To bypass the longest lines, go diagonal, avoiding all stink-eyes.  Or better!  Do it with a smile.

Last but not least!  We have our featured OBF Lesson of the Day: How to Do the Woo.  Enjoy.

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