Wedding Miracles Done Right


Saturday’s wedding was spectacular!  As the smattering of puffy cotton clouds peeled away under the bright summer evening sky, the poor men (and boys) in suits were sweating.  Especially the groom!  (Luckily, not the bride.)  Alas, Jeff’s hands swelled up, making the ring a tad too tight.  Lila, his dutiful, soon-to-be-wife, gave the knuckle a lick and the ring slid on juuuust in time.  On with the ceremony.

Wish I could say I didn’t cry, but it was that sweet.  After Jeff stomped on the glass (in one swift attempt – god forbid he have to make a second try) Lila’s dad, joined by her mom, got to their feet singing a traditional Jewish song, clapping their hands to the beat, filled with pride.  Tried to sing along, but didn’t know the words.  Heck, I think it was Hebrew (so I shouldn’t even try)!  Was just about to start belting out my best impression of the sounds when I remembered, I’m a friggin’ bridesmaid!  Re-gained my composure – the only one who noticed was Kelsey, standing to my left side.

The night was full of miracles.  The staff at Laurel Ridge Winery was astonished at our party’s rapid consumption of alcohol.  We were halfway through the booze before dinner even began.  Seems as though someone underestimated our drinking abilities…  Crisis was narrowly averted when several (wise) guests shared their secret stashes.

BIG THANKS to my daughter, Violet for shooting pictures.  She did GREAT!!!


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