Sunshine Powerhouse

Apologies for the lapse but life in Audreality is BUSY!!!  Meanwhile, Portland is having what may be the most beautiful October in history.  The sky is bright, it’s crisp in the mornings, warm in the afternoons, and the autumn colors are popping.  In fact, I’ve got to get back outside and play before the sun slips away… Granted, I’ve been working (mostly evenings) on the Mackelmore gig, yet I’ve somehow managed to squeeze in a stupendous amount of activity…  Sunday, I ran a 10k with one of my very favorite gal-pals, Miss Savannah, then had a brief nap before playing four kickball games in the afternoon, followed by a short shift de-rigging the Macklemore stage (at the Memorial Colosseum) so we could put it back together all day Monday (yesterday, at the Moda Center). Also – I’m almost done writing my book, currently knocking out the 13th and final chapter.  It falls squarely under the Audreality Productions umbrella… featuring all the adventures and lovely people who’ve been a part of my life the last few years.  (Some not-so-lovely.)  Want to check it out?  Let me know! DSC00817

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