Closing Out Blues Fest with Lee Fields and Curtis Salgado

Oooooh mercy! After four days of Blues Fest action, my thoughts are flowing in some sort of strange new rhythm, complete with a horn section, drums and the bumping beats of a bass guitar. Can you hear the harp? It’s getting loud in here – somebody turn up my microphone!

Planned to get up early and run the inaugural Red, White and Blues 10k. Was looking forward to my buddy Norman Sylvester playing on the Front Porch Stage at the finish. Those hopes were dashed, thanks to a late night (Saturday) on the Blues Cruise with Marneet. Managed to get my act together in time for Lee Fields and the Expressions, sometime in the 4 o’clock hour. I’d been warned to keep an ear out for Lee Fields by one of my highly trusted friends.

Then a brief-but-necessary detour, rode my bike to a BBQ. Wanted to be back for the headliner, standing in for Gregg Allman (of the Allman Brothers), my old friend Curtis Salgado.

No time to spare, parked my bike at the top of the docks and went in the band entrance. Almost ran right into the guy! Took me a second to recognize him. Took Curtis a bit longer to recognize me – it’s been many years. He figured it out eventually.

“Where’s your dad?”

That’s what everyone asks.

“He’s traveling, making music.”

“Send him my love.”

Will do. Sorry Mom, didn’t get a chance to ask him about the wheatgrass. (She wanted me to see if Curtis remembers his first time having wheatgrass. We talked him into it at a juice bar near our place, when I was a kid.) Within a few seconds, the band was piping intro, bringing Salgado to the stage.

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