Kickin’ It with MLS All Stars

This week, Portland aka Soccer City USA welcomes an entire herd of MLS athletes for the All-Star match Wednesday night (and a full calendar of events leading up to it). Made it my mission to infiltrate the scene.

Thanks to a touch of serendipity, I’m able to deem that mission: Accomplished.

Although entry to the game itself is by no means guaranteed, was given a pass that gets me into some of the activities, starting with a VIP celebration with Portland Timbers and the MLS All Stars.

Only managed to do one lap around the place because every few feet there were servers with trays of delectable treats and bottomless bottles of wine. Plus gobs and gobs of eye candy!

Said to my friends, “Game on.”

Thus signaling the start of Spot the Hottie. My favorite was a six-foot bombshell, maybe Brazilian? She was with another gal, in a tight dress, enhancing impressive curves. She had long dark hair and an enormous rock on her finger. Clearly not from around here. Deduced, the other one is her assistant. (Am I going to offend her saying this?) The epitome of a trophy wife.

Caught her eyeing me. Twice. The second time, took the opportunity to say hello. (Spot the Hottie is great for practicing your social skills; you get points for reeling them in.) Indeed, she’s the wife of one of the celebrity soccer players. Gave her my card, said if she needs recommendations for anything Portland, I’m great for that.

At 8:30, the crowd cheered as a busload of international soccer stars were brought in on the red carpet, in a charming little stud parade. Each was dressed head-to-toe in their red and white T-mobile branded jumpsuits.

We were surrounded. Most of them didn’t speak much english. Didn’t matter – it was a ball.

Around 9:15, the party dissolved. Made a quick last dash to investigate a lingering cluster of handsome fellows. It was several of the Portland Timbers! Told them I’d love to feature the Timbers on Audreality. Putting my most concerted Steering Powers to work here folks. Let’s see if we can make it happen.

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