Adventures in Eating: Hot Pot

whatishotpotFriday, had a new food experience at Beijing Hot Pot, where you get to cook your meal at the table in large heated pots of boiling broth. According to the website, Hot Pot has been around for over 1,000 years, throughout China. “Beijing Hot Pot has brought the Beijing-style of Hot Pot to Portland.”

You’re served trays of raw meat (thinly sliced beef and pork, as well as chicken balls, shrimp balls and a cube-stick of crab). There’s another platter for greens, and one for tofu chunks and various handmade noodles. Plop whatever you like into the hot pots, then ponder how long it should take to cook before scooping it into your bowl a minute or two later. You might use a bit of dipping sauce, to suit your taste.

You get to play with food! You already know you want to. Go there.

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