Princess V Turns Sixteen!

My angel was born sixteen years ago, this morning.

“Does she have hair?” I asked the nurse, when she told me she could feel the head. (My folks said my hair was thick and dark when I was born, “like an Eskimo.”) The nurse seemed surprised I’d ask such a thing. Not as if I’d get a refund if the baby wasn’t exactly what I wanted!

She humored me, “Yes, she’s got a lot of hair.”

Ahem. Please pardon my flashback. Today, Violet turned sixteen. She had friends over for pizza and chocolate cake, then they all went skating. V adores roller skating! Her grandma even got V purple roller skates for her birthday this year. But I may have one upped her.

Because… we got a kitten! Meet Cheeto. He tends to wake up purring, he meows a lot. He’s already made sure Peaches knows who’s boss.

That nurse wasn’t kidding about the hair either. Happy Birthday Violet!

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