Bow-Wow Wine Tasting. Blind!

Last week’s Dog Friendly, Blind Red Wine Tasting was held at a home in the SE/Hawthorne neighborhood. Familiar territory! (Pretty sure I trick-o-treated this block as a kid.)WP_20150617_004

It was hosted by a cheerful guy, with silver/grey hair that was normal on the sides, but on top? It stood straight up, like a cartoon of someone being electrocuted. He made a game where we’d guess the region of five wines, from a list of roughly a dozen options. Each was concealed in a brown paper bag, which no one was allowed to touch, lest we have a clue in the tell-tale shape of the bottle.

The mix of unleashed dogs and red wine was creative and amusing. Caught one little guy a couple times, helping himself to the snacks for people. There was also a chocolate lab, very much like a teddy bear. You couldn’t get mad at that dog, so sweet. Even when her relentless wagging tail threatened to tip your glass.

During the game, per the rules, our energetic host did all the pouring. Each taste was sent first through a bullet-shaped, single serving decanter. At the end of each pour, he’d jiggle the device, sending the last drops of red wine in all directions. I saw it happen to almost every person in the room. Each handled it differently.

One gal pal went straight to the kitchen, requesting white wine to blot out the speckles of red. Another woman looked like she was about to respond to her little wine shower, but she saw our host was already swept up in conversation, pouring a glass for his next victim. She shrugged and proceeded tasting.

The next woman said, “You just sprinkled wine on me.”

To which her assailant laughed and playfully denied, “No I didn’t.”

She replied (somewhat less playful), “Yes you did!”

This continued until someone approached with another empty glass… It seemed, ad infinitum! Sooner or later, everyone cast their ballots and the host announced, scoring would commence.

After careful deliberation, winners were revealed. Two tied for first, but one had left so the other guy won the top prize by default: a small, decorative glass tray.

Someone said astutely, “Perfect for breaking up weed!”

Much to the amusement of our host, the top entries each had a grand total of TWO correct answers. A guy was able to identify the wine made by his own vineyard. There was one trick bottle, that our host was sure no one would get right. But I nailed it, Corsica! (Doesn’t mean I know squat about wine; my selections were number-based.) Three of us each got one answer right, so we had to guess the year of a bottle for our choice among the last three prizes.

Check out my winnings, both a wine bottle-stopper and a cork screw! Kinda reminds me of something else too.

The woman next to me caught my drift. We giggled.

She said, “It would have to be bigger.”

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