What is Audreality?


Just as our environment shapes us, what happens around me fuels everything I make. Life’s a trip; this is Audreality.

What makes Portland (Oregon) the coolest?

“People here are constantly creating, doing and making… There’s just no shortage of fun to be had.”

On Keeping Portland Weird:

“Somebody has to fuel the big machine… It’s the Creative Class that does it… That’s why (one of the reasons why) Portland is so special. Because we have all these people who give up normal life, to work on their passion. That’s where new cool things come from, it’s creative people.”

More about the local yokels…

“We’re slow paced. We put a high priority on quality of life. We support the underdog! That’s the funny thing about weirdness. Pretty soon it’s not weird anymore and you’ve got to come up with something else that’s different.”

May 16th, 2014, this interview went online. You can see the accompanying article here, where Robert Parish of Portland Radio Project writes:

“Audrey Rose Goldfarb obviously has the perfect Portland middle name. She also has a nearly perfect PDX pedigree. Audrey was born and raised here. Her father, Delmark “Del” Goldfarb, created one the Pacific Northwest’s signature music events, The Waterfront Blues Festival. Perhaps most importantly — at least for our purposes — Audrey Rose Goldfarb has a video camera and knows how to use it.”

4 thoughts on “What is Audreality?

  1. My friend Pedro introduced me to your website about 5 years ago with your coverage of the Naked Pumpkin Run.

    He is interested in working on something and I think you might want to help him.

    Please check out this link to his Facebook post about his idea.

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