Women’s Lube Wrestling: Dare Me to Do It?!

I’d say, “Happy Valentine’s,” but Hallmark holidays are LAME. Instead here in Audreality, we celebrate the kinds of things that make us more brave, bolder, embracing beauty, what makes us different, and what makes us alike, all at the same time. (You know, stuff like Naked Bike Ride, Santa Speedo Run and No Pants MAX Ride.) Coming up in less than two weeks is yet another such event, one that’s sure to become a mainstay. Presented by the Oregon Sports Union Rugby Club, the 2nd Annual ORSU Women’s Lube Wrestling event is Saturday, February 27th at the Analog Theater. My highly reputable sources say this was one of Portland’s most memorable events of 2015. Also, there are a few slots left for lube wrestling.

Something tells me I’ll be getting into the ring… Who’s with me?! (Get your tickets here.) Three cheers for Women’s Lube Wrestling!

lube wrestling

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