Boom, Los Angeles

Just returned from a week in LA. The official purpose was to cover Rel/event, which featured several panels of Hollywood pros. There were producers, writers, actors, casting directors, and various talents to watch. When event organizers invited me to attend as VIP, figured it was a good excuse as any to make the trek to Los Angeles.

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Top 10 Take-homes from the Rel/event speakers:

  1. For swift success in the entertainment business, you have to be in LA.
  2. Cross pollinate with other up & comers (big reason it helps to be there).
  3. It’s a numbers game. “For every Yes there are a thousand harsh Nos.”
  4. “If you have a Plan B, you’ve already failed.” You hear that a LOT in LA.
  5. For writers: “Have a direct and precise way of storytelling.” Also, there’s a writer’s workshop program, by Warner Brothers, where 8-9 individuals are selected annually. The catch is, you have to work to get work.
  6. For actors: “Get your assess into acting classes,” and “You have to watch 1-2 hours of TV a day,” studying your craft.
  7. You must be resilient. JUST KEEP GOING. Rejection is part of the job.
  8. When you do miss a shot, Fail Forward.
  9. Once you reach your goal, the goal instantly changes. What’s next?
  10. With influence comes responsibility.

Beyond the series, my purpose was to explore, visit family, friends and just have a blast in general. Sierra arranged to see her family during the same time-frame, so we got to spend several days bopping around together. (Her sister lives five minutes from my brother’s place, where I was staying.) We checked out the Arts District and spent an afternoon at USC, perusing Festival of Books. It was my 7th trip to Los Angeles, but the first time I’d noticed how much incredible street art they have. Also, huge flocks of insanely loud parrots!

In other news, downtown LA is sprouting sky scrapers like nobody’s business and street lanes appear to be merely a suggestion. We spotted Arianna Huffington and met Jerry Seinfeld’s manager, George Shapiro (thanks to his darling yellow ducky socks).

See ya soon, Los Angeles.

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