48 Hours in New York City

Landed at JFK Saturday afternoon. Took a dose of Ambien during liftoff, so I’d slept the entire flight. Through several babies crying, the drink service, everything! Didn’t hurt that I had the whole row of seats to stretch out on. My host brought me directly to Coney Island, where we had a beer and walked out along the pier.

Crossed over to Jersey to park the car for the weekend. There were two outdoor weddings under way at Liberty House, despite rain. Rode the ferry back to Manhattan, then had drinks at the W. With bizarre lighting and a dark, reflective floor, felt like we were inside a whale…

Had a few drinks at O’Hara’s Restaurant & Pub, where 911 responders spent countless hours during the recovery. The walls are covered with badges and various rescuer memorabilia. After that, on to the Dead Rabbit for still more imbibing, until there was nothing left to do but pass out with my clothes on.

In the morning, had breakfast at a gritty diner, then spent a solid hour shopping for shoes at Century 21. There was a quick wardrobe change before making the trek to mid-town.

Stopped for a couple glasses of wine and a crab cake on the way to the Crystal Ship Mini Indie Film Fest, where “Welcome to Audreality” was one of ten finalists screened. The audience loved it! Everyone laughed in all the right places and by the end of the night, they all wanted to visit (if not move to) Portland. High-5 to Crystal Ship sponsors and organizers for the KEG of Prosecco. Yummy!

Things are a blur after that. By 5am, was on my way to catch the subway to JFK. Spent most of the day there, making all sorts of friends. Around 8pm, it was time to chase the sunset west. Made it home just before midnight, great to be back in Portland!

See ya next time, NYC.

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