Naked Bike Ride Saturday!

DING DING! It’s that time of year again – when things are so nutty in Audreality it makes my head spin. I’ve been shooting and editing wild documentary footage like there’s no tomorrow. Summerween last week, the All that Glitters burlesque recital this week. Wednesday, I’m headed to LA to cover VidCon with Violet but DON’T WORRY! I’ll be back just in time for Naked Bike Ride this Saturday. Let me know if you’d like to roll with us! There will be a pre-funk party for body painting and getting hyped up – strategically located near this years WNBR start point (Mt. Scott Park).

See you there?!

Here’s the 4-part playlist from 2015:

3 thoughts on “Naked Bike Ride Saturday!

  1. Im sorry about everything Keep in mind you might have more freedom than alot of us. I will pray for all of you!! Truce, please, im on my knees, begging…

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