SlutWalk Portland

Last Sunday, while my daughter was dressing up for church, I was dressing down for Slutwalk. Made it a point to attend, after bumping into a friend the night before who said he “just didn’t get it.” He tried to draw a parallel between walking alone at night in a ghetto, to wearing slutty clothes. He said, if it’s true that people who dress a certain way are at a higher risk for rape (a thoroughly-refuted-yet-frequently-touted claim) than it is “stupid” to wear those clothes while expecting not to be raped.

The problem with his logic: No matter what we wear, the onus of rape is on the person who is doing the raping. Neither of us was able to convince the other to stray from their original position, but I’m pleased to report, the debate was hearty, not too painful, and we may be better friends for it. I hope he watches the episode, because there are a lot of important takeaways.

HUGE thanks to Slutwalk organizers, Sterling Clark, Elle Stanger and especially Jillian Eyerman, who invited me to cover the event for Audreality. Thanks to the others who spoke at the rally as well: Randy Brown, J.D. Dowell, Eleanor O’Brien and to everyone who shared their thoughts for this episode.

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