Come Inside: Sex & Culture Theater Festival

People of the sexual revolution! Time to tune in and get turned on. Next week closes Portland’s Sex & Culture Theater Festival. Put on by Dance Naked Productions, it’s been on my radar for a while, especially after Eleanor’s rousing speech at Portland SlutWalk. (Watch the SlutWalk episode of Audreality, here.) So yesterday, thanks again to a friendly nudge from Jillian Eyerman, made the trek to Headwaters Theater where I caught one of the acts. And participated in another!


First up was “Real Mature,” featuring Shirley Gnome, from Winnipeg, Canada. With “the voice of an angel dry-humping a cloud,” she’s been touring on the fringe circuit for a few years. My favorite song was about waking up after a blackout, twat covered in glitter. One of many great lines of which was, “Who’s glitter, glitter is this… All over my clitoris?” This lady is someone you can really get/go down with. *Helpful tip from Shirley: Check out her YouTube channel next time you want to crank up the heat on a date.

Next was Smut Slam with Cameryn Moore: “A community open mic featuring real-life first person sex stories.” This was when the audience was invited to participate, sharing 5-minute sex stories of their own. While my brain was saying, “That sounds like a crazy/hard/scary/embarrassing thing to do,” my hands, forever with a mind of their own, went ahead and signed me up. I love plunging myself into situations then experiencing the rollercoaster of sensations that follow: excitement, fear, the internal dialog of, “WTF have I done? Maybe I should chicken out… But NO! I would NEVER!” And the ensuing nakedness of cutting myself open and letting some of my dark secrets into the light. Bright light. Couldn’t even see the audience. (Which helped, I think.)

Won’t retell that story here, but I will say the physiological rush was intoxicating! Glad I had a chair to sit in after, because my legs were wobbling for a solid ten minutes. Electricity was racing, quaking my whole body. And I hadn’t even done anything wrong or naughty to deserve it! To the contrary – it was oh so right.

In case you missed the fun, it’s not too late to get in on the action. Come Inside runs through October 8th. Check out Dance Naked Productions for more information.


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