Why Do So Many Men Hate Women?

Yet another insightful peek into the mind of a Misogynist Meathead. (We’ve discussed this topic again and again and again.) I’ll never meet this person, but the interaction was somewhat amusing.

My words are in italic:

What are you looking for? Surely not a relationship since you live in another state.

Looking to find good people wherever I happen to be. If that leads to something sexy, great. If not, that’s okay too. I don’t need a boyfriend.

Good answer.

What about you?

I’m into dirty talk, role playing is fun. The psychological side. I wish all sex was more like a psychological thriller somehow. I’m very dominant. I like to write with marker sometimes. I love degradation, verbal abuse, etc.

You like when people verbally abuse you? Or the other way around.

Sorta both.

That’s fair.

There aren’t enough women that are like, “Fuck me! You fucking piece of shit! Fuck me like your worthless little bitch!” That stuff turns me on.


I want an interesting balance of slave and queen. On one hand I despise women and want to fuck them hard in bed.

Sorry, can’t say I’ve ever spoken like that! Tell me more. How do you despise women?

I want to give her everything, and her to worship me as her king. I wanna fuck a queen like a slave. And treat a slave like a queen. I believe in the balance of life.

Yin and Yang.

Every man that a woman desires despises women. Because he has the awareness level to make himself appealing.

You don’t think sex appeal is innate?

C’mon! You’re old enough to know that men are treated differently. A Rosie O’Donnel gets treated better than a Brad Pitt. A man is valued less than his worth whereas a woman is valued more than her worth. No free rides or meals, etc. “All you have to do in life is not be fat.” Ever heard that? And man has to develop X, Y and Z.

Sex is imbalanced in nature. Human females have a lot more at stake when we let someone past our gate. Sperm is cheap.

I also need a woman to balance me. To become more whole and enrich my life. Works the same with women. The most powerful women are the most subservient. A woman who can have many men is aware enough to know the rest that comes with it! I don’t complain about it, I like to make it drive me. Sperm is cheap because men are not valued for their worth. You are only proving my point. Eggs, you can survive off of.

Men have plenty of advantages. There are many double standards in this world.

We buy top ramen with our sperm. “Double standard” is a bullshit term. Everyone is treated so differently and there is such a case-by-case to everything. Men and women are treated too different in every scenario for double standard to even make sense.

No, in mating it’s the other way around: Males are not as valued because sperm is relatively cheap. But not all of life is about mating.

Just cause it’s a term doesn’t mean it’s not bullshit! How much of life is bullshit?!! It’s about procreation. The true meaning of life. When people realize that, it changes shit. All the status crap fades.

Sex is largely about procreation. But it’s also about social cohesion. Having fun. Pleasure. 

That’s what WE make it.

Not just us. Elsewhere in the animal kingdom.

We are really just creatures in an unknown environment persevering through an uncertain existence. I’d love to have really primitive sex. Have both people going into it thinking we are creatures. Animals. That raw caveman, “I take you and fuck you on sheepskin now woman! Then I feed you chicken bone.” It would be the best kind of love, the most natural raw PURE form. The way it’s supposed to be. No horse-drawn carriages and bullshit. We are really missing something from the days when a man would just TAKE a woman he wanted.

We ARE animals. But that sounds like rape, which I thoroughly disagree with.

Consensual rape – which I thoroughly agree with. [Resent] will always be there. Even when we are all dressed like the monopoly guy inside of a robot. The power dynamics of life. The silent war. It will never cease to exist.

Guess this brings us to why you despise women: You don’t want to be tamed.

I’m pounding your pale ass up against the wall hard but you’re reading Socrates out loud with every hump. Our sex would be so philosophical.

Want to hear more from women standing up against Toxic Masculinity? Check out Slut Walk.

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