Our So-Called Presidential Inauguration

It was the creepiest, most bizarre spectacle I’ve ever witnessed. (Coming from a Portland native, that says a lot!) Notice the weak crowd with a bad attitude. Wide open spaces that will not be filled until the following day. You may also catch the overall vibe of the so-called president and his family: They seem glum. The whole thing was rather dour, even morose. It was hard to bear.

4 thoughts on “Our So-Called Presidential Inauguration

  1. Wow. America is that insane. The atmosphere just seems so ugly. Surreal just doesn’t say enough.

    Good for you being there, fight the power!!!

    Looking forward to seeing the next day’s struggle…

  2. Thanks for this. Really interesting viewing. Don’t think it will ever feel normal, and I’m on the other side of the Atlantic. We have our own populist charlatans to deal with.

    1. Welcome, glad to hear it reaching someone. Come back soon for the next episodes! The riots in the street were intense. And the Women’s March the following day was uplifting, incredible.

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