Muser Movement NYC

Welcome to Muser Movement NYC! Featuring a whole herd of social media stars from Never heard of it? Ask the nearest teenager. This event was co-created by George Padilla and my daughter, Violet Summersby.

Thanks to everyone who came together to make it happen! Extra high-fives to those who appear in the episode (and apologies to the few I’ve missed here):

Lauren Godwin – Rebecca Zalomo – Matt Slays – Hayley Stewart/HayloHayley – Taylor Skeens – Miss Jayden B – Pynk Le’monade – Kidrl – Hannah Mae – Siangie Twins – Maria Rengi – Bryce Xavier – Qeuyl – Danielle CohnMr. Cashier – Lexi Nitz – Piper Rockelle – Rilyn Dinyae – Lucki Starr – Jayla Marie

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