Going to NAB

fullsizeoutput_1f7aIt’s become apparent, the primary camera I’ve been using, a small Sony Handycam, is inadequate. My other camera, the Canon EOS Rebel T5i, has superior video quality, but having bought it out-of-the-box (sans insurance), I’m hesitant to bring it into many of the chaotic situations we like to investigate in Audreality. For it’s entire first year in my possession, the Rebel’s memory was filled only with pictures of my cat. Granted, Cheeto is a very handsome cat!

When my friend started borrowing my Rebel to shoot his comedic digital series, “Training Wheels,” it occurred to me, maybe I should be getting more use out of this tool. Then another pal had me shoot his new music video, “Keep it 100.” There was no denying, these were better quality images than what my Handycam provides. Became resolved to use my “fancy cam” more often… But the Rebel isn’t designed for video. It shoots beautifully when perched undisturbed on a tripod, but it’s rather front-heavy, without much stabilization. Less-than-ideal with my style of run-n-gun shooting.

Found myself in the market for a new camera. And it hit me, I shouldn’t be buying a camera. I should be finding companies who are more than happy to provide equipment at no direct cost – beyond sponsorship, partnership, or advertising. I did what any rational person would do, googled: camera convention. That’s how I discovered the NAB. (Pronounced, “N-A-B.” Just don’t call it “nab” and embarrass yourself like me.)

Turns out, the NAB, “where content comes to life,” is an entire universe beyond cameras. (One of my employers wants me to pick up a teleprompter for his A/V business.) After asking around the local TV & film production scene, I’ve found many people have been to the conference or at least heard of it. Everyone says, it is BIG. Still, they’re full of encouragement that I’ll find what I’m looking for, paired with hard emphasis that I must do my homework, have a clear target in mind, and stay focused. Being that it takes place in Vegas, that last part might be a challenge…

Bring it on! Stay tuned for news from Audreality at NAB.

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