Portland v. Hate

Welcome to Portland, aka “Little Beiruit.” In this episode, it’s dueling demonstrations, with Trump supporters/alt-right in the middle, surrounded by anti-hate speech demonstrators on all sides. The adversarial groups were kept apart by a heavily armed police force. It was serious and at times a joyful event, until a few bad actors shoved others (seemingly unwitting individuals) into the police line.

Once the tension dissolved into melee, there were objects being thrown at police, flash-bangs, smoke bombs and chemical agents that caused even more panic, as well as upper respiratory discomfort for countless innocent people.

Special thanks to PDX ISO for organizing and to Anjabeen Ashraf, who’s speaks in this episode. Thanks also to Emma and Kirk, of Mental Health Providers Unite. Live music courtesy of Unpresidented Brass Band! They rock!

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