Let’s Get Naked

Portland’s Naked Bike Ride is mere days away! Who’s feeling ripped and ready to roll?!


  1. Don’t want to let it all hang out? The official rule for WNBR attire is, “Bare as you dare.” Go with my preferred state: Artfully Underdressed.
  2. Get LIT. As in, lights. This thing ends well-after dark so make sure your bike is visible at night.
  3. Don’t get too lit. As in, faded. It’s challenging riding a bike in a crowd, even sober. Don’t be the drunken asshole that causes a crash or falls off.
  4. Get lost. Or rather, prepare to be separated from your group. It’s near impossible to stay together. Don’t get mad – get even. By making new friends!
  5. Prefunk. Every year, our gang has a pre funk party where we BBQ, body paint, disrobe and muster courage. We ride together to the official start point. Contact me if you’d like to join us!
  6. Afterparty: Stay for a massive naked dance party at the end.

Here’s the Audreality episode from last year:

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