Portland Primetime

Happens to be the time of year that is Peak Portland. When it seems like the only option is to quit your job and make the most of it. Because even though summer lasts well into September (My favorite month of all!), this is when fun is multiplied by such an extreme magnitude that your brain hurts just trying to pencil out a to-do list. There’s just no way to cover it all.


Friday, helped a friend shoot a music video at Japanese Gardens. That evening there was a pickup kickball game at the same time and location as a friend’s 40th birthday celebration (Colonel Summers Park). That’s when Liz arrived. I’d sent my pal Vinny to retrieve her from the airport because the birthday party and kickball at the park was too good to miss.

Last week, knowing Naked Bike Ride was upon us, in conjunction with the fact that I have a spare bicycle, I scanned Couchsurfing, to see if any cool travelers wanted to roll with me. I found two! One, a French gal named Liz, came to stay with me for the weekend. The other, a Canadian named Colin, met up with our crew at the Naked Bike Ride prefunk party. Soon Liz was well aware, she could not have found a better host in Portland.

After dark, we proceeded onto dancing and bar-hopping on Belmont. Didn’t get too crazy, because Saturday was Portland’s World Naked Bike Ride! Given that it was nearly 100 degrees that day, it was a blessing to finish the ride near/in Salmon Street Fountain. The sight of so many naked grownups, frolicking and cartwheeling through the cold fountain, was surreal.


Sunday, we would’ve been at a nude beach party on Sauvies, but the flipping island was at capacity, so we were sent back along our merry way. We concluded, the next best idea was boat-hoeing (one of our favorite summer hobbies), so we headed directly to Riverplace Marina to find a boat. Sure enough…

Couldn’t stay late though, because I had a mysterious gig at 7am Monday morning. Macklemore was here, doing a secret/private show for Dutch Brothers employees. As you can see, I can barely type fast enough to keep up with all this. On top of that, I have tons of Naked Bike Ride footage to edit! Subscribe at YouTube.com/Audreality to be first to see it.

Party on.


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