This week, Oregon was infested with more than a million visitors for the Great American Eclipse. True to form, the local news outlets were tripping over themselves with traffic prediction doom. So, we opted to ride bikes instead. Shortly after 6am Monday morning, two gal pals arrived at my place, ready to roll. Within a few minutes (just enough time for large cups off coffee – STAT) we were out the door, pedaling south. We’re determined to make it to the Path of Totality!

We passed an endless lines of vehicles, stuck in traffic along the way, which somehow made the enormous hills even more worthwhile. There was one wild turkey that gobbled at us from the side of the road, two friendly alpaca, and a shitload of road kill (one deer, a snake, a rabbit, raccoons and of course, lots of squirrel pancakes). A smattering of early morning clouds teased us, lingering in front of the sun until just before 9am. Our goal was to make it to Mulino, the first town in the Path of Totality, but since we arrived with a solid fifteen minutes to spare, we kept riding south. We landed in the middle of the field at Burghardt Stadium in Molalla, Oregon, where we dumped out our food supplies, cranked up some tunes on the the speaker box, noshed and had a dance party.

I could go on – but I’ve got to finish packing for Hood to Coast Relay! Instead I’ve made a brand new episode. Party on.

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