Week in Review: 11/27 – 12/3


  • Hiked around Mt. Tabor Park with my daughter Violet, her boyfriend George, and Violet’s friend Miku, visiting from Japan.
  • Went to coloring night at Vintage Cocktail Lounge. In case you missed my past post about coloring nights at Vintage, it features a new drawing each week, by Red Star Art. This was followed by a few rounds of pool across the street, at Thatchers.


  • Hung out with my new pal, Tara for a few hours. Went to brunch at our favorite breakfast food cart, the Egg Carton.
  • Caught up with my ex-boyfriend, Gunnar, who was back in town, visiting from San Francisco. We shot pool, split a burger and a pitcher of beer at Over & Out, then went for more beer around the corner, at Roscoe’s. He told me about the wide range of trouble he’s been in-and-out of, since we broke up (in 2005). Hard core.


  • Hardwood floor refinishing, Day 1. This meant everyone had to vacate the house from 2pm until 8pm. Took off aimlessly on my bike.
  • Met up with Violet, George and Miku in South Waterfront. Took them on the OHSU hill hike (including 500 stairs) and rode the tram down. Then we wandered north along Willamette River, because Miku wanted to hit Voodoo Donuts.
  • Had dinner with Mom, Dad, Violet and Miku, at Apizza Scholls on Hawthorne.


  • Hardwood floor refinishing, Day 2. We had to vacate the house from about 10am until much later in the evening…
  • Had lunch with Gabriel at Por Que No, on Hawthorne.
  • Happy hour with Tara, Alicia, and the Mayor, at Interurban.
  • Attended a celebration for Alicia’s good friend, Jonny Schultz, who’s just bought the talent agency, Q6, at a bar that our friend (and model) Adazoe owns, called Tryst. We parked outside the US Bancorp Tower, where I had an office on the 41st floor, fifteen years ago. We smoked a jay in the car, stalling until 7pm, when parking becomes free in downtown Portland. Meanwhile, told them about some of my history in that building. It was back in my modeling days, and I’d somehow used my powers to get the building managers to let my friend Tito to hold a fashion show in vacant the top floor. Realized, Alicia and I both know Tito.
  • Stopped at a popular Thai food cart. While we were waiting for our order, followed our ears (about 30 meters) to some random party, the launch of a new clothing line. The door was open, no charge to get in, and booze was complimentary. Of course it was packed, including more than a handful of familiar faces, whom I hadn’t seen in eons. One of them was Tito!


  • 2nd OHSU hill hike and tram ride, this time with Gunnar.
  • P:EAR fundraiser (a non-profit program for creatively mentoring homeless youth), at Doug Fir, where my good friend Alicia J. Rose was stage-managing. The event was “From Smiths to Smitherines: A Tribute to 80s College Rock.”
  • Then, Alicia brought me to a disco-themed birthday party at Mother’s Bistro. Met the one-and-only Pennie Lane!


  • Becky Jean was visiting! Hard to believe it’s already been 5 years since our New York adventure. We haven’t gotten to hang out much since she got married. Our first stop was a skincare boutique, where our friend Kelli was hosting her annual holiday party, complete with makeup and botox demos! Shed some tears when Becky Jean mentioned the man who officiated her wedding, her husband’s grandfather, died last week.
  • Holiday/birthday party, at Jennifer’s, around 7pm.
  • Annual holiday party at Swanson’s, 9pm until midnight. I’ve been to this party for many years, it’s a crowded parade of familiar faces from more than a decade ago, back when I regularly hung out in the the Pearl District.
  • Super sexy Sagittarius party, in the middle of nowhere.


  • Got home at 7am, slept until noon.
  • At 2pm there was a screening, and panel discussion with cast and crew, of a new short film (an excellent Proof of Concept for a potential/upcoming series): “With What We Have,” directed by my fellow Film Fatales member, Dawn Jones Redstone. It takes place in the not-too-distant future, where many of our rights have been stripped away, and healthcare is inaccessible, except on the Black Market. It was powerful, I cried a lot. And it was also remarkable, with an almost entirely female cast and crew (except one, the editor is Dawn’s brother).
  • Free pool night at Thatchers. Winning!

Portland: Where the walls don’t just close in on you, they fold up like origami.

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